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Lose Kilos Happily
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Sunday, March 13th, 2005
12:36 am
hello. i'm me.
I'm ten stone five. I want to be nine stoneish, because i hate the way my thighs and love handles are just -existing-. i want to be able to do it without being anorexic- which is so often the pattern i fall into. binge eating, then starving myself.
I want to have the confidence to strut my stuff.
12:27 am
Welcome... and stuff
This community is the brainchild of snowyfeline and myself.
Personally, I want to lose weight. Not because I feel *particularly* fat, but because I see myself as 'a little bit blobby'.
I have a bit of a potbelly, bingo wings, and love-handles you could club a seal with.
I want to lose them!

When I started university I was a nice size ten, now I'm a 14 and weigh 11stone 3. I don't really know what weight I'd like to get to as I'm 5'9" and have a large chest, but I'd like to be a size 12 again, maybe even a size ten eventually.
Wishful thinking on my part I do believe, but I can try.

Currently, I am sick of just saying I want to lose weight, then people saying 'ah you don't need to' because THAT DOESN'T HELP!
Also, I am sick of my lack of willpower and the fact that I think about losing weight, then get sad and eat a chocolate bar.
I'm rubbish really! Ha...

So... yes, little encouragement and I think it would do us all good :)

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